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JOHNNY (a camp counsellor)

JOHNNY lives and breathes summer camp! His love of the outdoors is contagious and he wants nothing more than to make sure each and every camper has the BEST SUMMER EVER!!

NANCY (a camp counsellor)

NANCY loves summer camp and can't imagine spending her summers anywhere other than CAMP COWABUNGA! She is beaming with camp spirit, loves to dance and can totally rock a camp sing-along!!

FLIP (the fox)

FLIP loves being at CAMP COWABUNGA! He's a curious, mischievous, and funny guy who loves to play, learn new things and make new friends.


BARB (the beaver)

BARB loves an adventure and is always keen to learn new things. She's smart, very resourceful and loves to play hide & seek.


OWEN (the owl)

OWEN is the baby of the group and is learning all about the world around him. This is his first time at summer camp and he's feeling a little homesick.


KIMMY (the camp cook)

KIMMY loves making healthy, nutritious food for the Cowabunga Campers. Meet her in the kitchen to see what's cookin'!


BILLY (kitchen staff)

BILLY loves working at camp, even though his cousin Bobby can sometimes get on his nerves. He also really loves listening to music.


BOBBY (kitchen staff)

BOBBY loves playing card games and can be a little silly at times. He also loves to bug his older cousin Billy.


SHELLY (the arts & crafts instructor)

SHELLY is the craftiest person at CAMP COWABUNGA. From pet rocks to origami foxes, she has the right craft for you.


REMY (the lifeguard)

REMY is French-Canadian and teaches campers about health and physical fitness. He also teaches campers a new French word every day - Le Mot Du Jour!


LILY (the new camp counsellor)

LILY is a First Nations Canadian. This is her first summer as a counsellor and she is both excited and nervous. She teaches campers about nature and how to appreciate and take care of the planet we live on. She also teaches campers about First Nations culture.


DONNY (the camp director)

DONNY is a wacky, zany guy who gives out odd words of wisdom and updates on the day's activities over the camp's PA system. We never actually see his face.


JENNY (a camp counsellor)

JENNY works at the rival camp across the lake, CAMP BUTTERTART. She has it in for the CAMP COWABUNGA gang and is often trying to ruin their fun.

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